Trust Administration

My Family has a Trust, Do I Need an Attorney?

Yes!  If your family or loved one has a Trust in place, you should be able to avoid probate. However, Trust Administration, or acting as a Trustee for another person’s trust still requires the expertise of understanding the terms of the Trust as well as knowledge of the laws that apply to Trusts. For example, there are still deadlines and legal notices that are required by law that you may not know about. Obtaining the advice of a knowledgeable attorney will make sure that these deadlines and notices are not missed and that you, as a Trustee, are not making costly mistakes for which you could be held personally liable.

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At KS Estate & Elder Law, we understand that losing a family member is difficult even when your family took the steps to make administering their estate as easy as possible. That is why we will assist you with compassion and the experience you need to make this process less complex and overwhelming. While we do charge a small fee for trust administration consultation, often times many, if not all, of your questions can be answered without the need to retain us for further work. If further work is needed, a retainer will be quoted to you at the end of the consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.